If you or someone you know is in crisis, contact the Military Crisis Line at 988 and press 1, or Text 838255. You can also call 911.

YouCanQuit2 Campaign Resources

YouCanQuit2 offers various materials to promote the campaign, its resources and tools, and to help Service members live tobacco free. Check them out below. 

Share these resources and tools with Service members to help them quit tobacco and stay tobacco free: 

  • Videos: Check out the campaign videos to support your tobacco education efforts.
  • Ready-to-Use Messaging: Use these 1-2 sentence ready-to-use messages for plan of the day (POD), plan of the week (POW), or plan of the month (POM) publications; email blasts; newsletters; or social media posts to educate Service members on quitting tobacco, staying tobacco free and the YouCanQuit2 campaign.
  • Download YouCanQuit2 campaign materials: Find materials on how to quit tobacco and stay tobacco free.
  • Tobacco Cessation Resources Guide (Fillable) [PDF 418KB]: Find a comprehensive list of available resources and programs for those thinking about quitting and those ready to quit. Add your local program information in the fillable box at the bottom of the guide to customize the Resource Guide for your installation before providing it to your patients or beneficiaries.
  • Savings Calculator: Service members can use this tool to find out how much they’ll save after quitting tobacco. Extra money in their pockets might just mean extra motivation to quit!
  • YouCanQuit2 Quit Plan 
    • Share the YouCanQuit2 Quit Plan, a unique and customizable tool that Service members can use to help them quit tobacco. The interactive tool is a mobile-first, app-like experience that can be accessed using any browser on any device (phone, computer or tablet). The tool guides Service members step-by-step on how to prepare to quit tobacco and then gives them encouragement and tips to accomplish their goals as they work to become tobacco free.
    • Use the following resources and ready-to-use messaging to encourage Service members to use the YouCanQuit2 Quit Plan and leave tobacco behind for good!
    • Resources
      • Link to the YouCanQuit2 Quit Plan on your organization’s website by visiting https://ycq2.org/link-to-us/ to post the YouCanQuit2 Quit Plan graphic and the accompanying HTML code on your webpage.
      • Share YouCanQuit2 Quit Plan one-pager [PDF 390KB] with your patients or clients to promote the tool.
    • Ready-to-Use Messaging for POD/POW/POM or social media

Use these resources to promote the campaign: 

  • Link to Us: Link the YouCanQuit2 website from your organization’s website to help Service members find tobacco education resources.
  • YouCanQuit2 Campaign Toolkit [PDF 747KB]: Use this toolkit to get a detailed understanding about the campaign and its tools and how they can be used locally including educational resources and messaging about quitting tobacco and staying quit. The toolkit also provides ideas on how to use YouCanQuit2 resources to engage with Service members at your installation or command.
  • Campaign Overview One-pager [PDF 477KB]: Check out this overview of the campaign resources and tools to see how they can support your work.
  • Campaign Highlight Guide [PDF 348KB]: The YouCanQuit2 Highlight Guide gives professionals the tools and guidance to highlight the campaign on their resources and efforts.
    • Campaign Logos: Download the YouCanQuit2 logos to highlight the campaign. Multiple versions of the logos with and without the tagline are available for download and should be used as provided.

Looking to present about YouCanQuit2 to professionals or Service members? Check out the Ready-to-Use Presentations available for download.

If you or someone you know is in crisis, contact the Military Crisis Line at 988 and press 1, or Text 838255. You can also call 911.