If you or someone you know is in crisis, contact the Military Crisis Line at 988 and press 1, or Text 838255. You can also call 911.

Considering Quitting? Start Here.

Congrats on taking this first step on your quit journey! Spending time thinking through your reasons for quitting and the roadblocks you may hit can help you decide if you’re ready to take the next step – preparing to quit. The questions below can help you decide if now’s the time. Consider jotting down your answers and keeping them somewhere you will see them often.

What will you gain from quitting tobacco?

Quitting tobacco can be a win all around. Consider how quitting tobacco can improve your life.

  • How much money will you save if you are not buying tobacco products? Write down the dollar amount you spend on tobacco every week and month and think about what you would rather spend the money on.
  • Who will you protect from secondhand smoke? Your loved ones, peers and even your pets will be free from your secondhand smoke.
  • How will quitting improve your physical fitness? Are you huffing and puffing or struggling through PT tests?
  • How could you improve your readiness? Perhaps you can up your night vision or your overall long-term health?
  • How will quitting impact your appearance? Perhaps a romantic partner was put off by your bad breath or you have mouth sores. Quitting tobacco can improve your look!
  • How do the people in your life feel about your tobacco use? Who will be proud of your decision? Why might your friends and family want you to quit?

Why might quitting tobacco be hard for you?

Quitting tobacco may be one of the most difficult things you ever do. Think about the challenges you might face and get ready to conquer them.

  • Why do you use tobacco? Do you use tobacco to cope with stress or to pass time when you’re bored? Are you concerned about being able to manage stress or boredom without tobacco?
  • Perhaps you use tobacco to help stay awake. Are you worried about staying alert without it?
  • Do you smoke or vape socially or with a significant other and worry about how it will affect your friendships and relationships? Do you worry about quitting when others around you are still using tobacco?
  • Are there certain places or activities that make you crave tobacco?
  • Are you worried about how quitting will affect your body or your mood?
  • Are you worried about the chance of gaining weight?

If this is not your first quit attempt, spend some time considering what happened on your last try, and what you can change this time around:

  • What challenges did you have last time you tried to quit?
  • Why did you go back to using tobacco?
  • What kinds of methods were helpful? Which methods didn’t seem to make a difference?
  • Why did you choose to quit the first time? Are your reasons the same this time? Are any reasons different?
  • Did you look into programs and medications to support your quit journey last time?
  • Did you reach out to a health care provider to talk about your options?

Quitting tobacco may be tough, but you are tougher. Remember that for most people, it can take a few tries to quit for good. Once you are ready to continue your journey, start working on your quit plan and get moving!

If you or someone you know is in crisis, contact the Military Crisis Line at 988 and press 1, or Text 838255. You can also call 911.